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The pace of technological progress increases exponentially nowadays and keeps changing our personal and professional lives constantly. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Extended Reality or Blockchain provide great potentials for disruptive innovations and as technologies have become an integrative part in all industries, technological progress impacts everyone on a daily basis.

While the need for specific hard skills changes fast in any technological environment, developing the right mindset as well as soft skills has become crucial for every person no matter what age, origin or profession.

Having worked on numerous projects centered around technological innovations for over ten years, I noticed people often lack these important skills which leads to big issues in change management processes and inhibited innovation power. That’s why I’m on a mission to close the gap between data, tech and education and to inspire people to not only keep up with but to drive technological innovations.


Based in Berlin, I foster corporate partnerships, advance corporate education, and drive new business initiatives as the Head of Business Development at CODE University of Applied Sciences.

Holding a master’s degree in Business Psychology, I already had the chance to work with lots of well-known institutions and companies like APX, Axel Springer, Deutscher Bundestag, Die Verbraucher Initiative e.V., Volkswagen and many more. Furthermore, I co-founded FreeTech Academy where I built a strategic program for young tech talents to establish a new approach of interdisciplinary education between tech and journalism (full CV on LinkedIn).

I also gave plenty of lectures in the fields of Digital Media Management and Personal and Social Competency Development and frequently share my knowledge as a speaker at events like WeAreDevelopers World Congress, EMMA Conference or Axel Springer’s TechCon.

Building education frameworks to enhance the understanding as well as the ability to work with different technologies has always been my passion. And it all started with a board game I’ve developed for my bachelor thesis more than a decade ago where I dealt with the development of a theoretical competency framework for consumers to be able to cope with the potentials and risks of Big Data.

However, it was crucial for me not only to establish a theoretical framework outlining the competencies consumers need to develop but also to devise a practical approach that empowers everyone to acquire these skills, thereby increasing their confidence in the technology.

That’s why I developed a board game that enabled people of all age groups to gain the competencies I had identified. As I observed countless individuals engaging with the game, it confirmed to me that a playful and practical approach to technology is the best way to help people overcome their insecurities and gain a better understanding of its risks and potentials, thereby paving the way for successful innovation processes.

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"I had the chance to work with Justin to build FreeTech Academy for young journalism and tech talents and I can only say Justin is a true expert in building new learning concepts between tech and other disciplines. I appreciate her innovative way of thinking and how she challenges to think outside the box. Besides building a great strategic concept for FreeTech, Justin also recruited and led a team of tech talents from more than 20 countries and excelled not only as a colleague but also as a leader."
Dr. Ulrich Schmitz
Managing Director of Axel Springer Digital Ventures
„Justin is such a great and powerful person… very knowledgeable, cares for what she does, super supportive towards others, and lots of fun to work with. She has a very practical approach and knows how to translate tech into valuable learning frameworks. I also love how she emphasizes interdisciplinarity, inclusion, and diversity, and think we definitely need more women like Justin in tech. That‘s why I‘m also proud to have Justin as one of our ambassadors at Inclusive Tech.“
Mina Saidze
Founder of Inclusive Tech & Forbes 30 Under 30
„Justin and I have been working together to build and maintain a strategic partnership program between Axel Springer and CODE. Justin is super nice and I value her growth mindset and disruptive thinking approach. I was also impressed by her strong vision and how determinedly she implemented it. She always came up with great ideas, was perfectly prepared and made building our partnership super easy and enjoyable. I‘m really looking forward to future projects together!“
Manuel Dolderer
Co-Founder & Founding President of CODE University of Applied Sciences


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